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Most of us have heard about cockfights and their infamous reputation, but have you ever watched one live? Today I saw a benign version several feet in front of me. The roosters began by staring each other down closely, face to face. Then the feathers around their necks stood up, so each looked like it was wearing an oversized neck brace. From there, whoever pecks the best, wins. A rooster often jumps while pecking at the other, so between the feather-fluffing and jumping, it’s rather comical. No sooner had I spied them, and the fight was over, within seconds. Perhaps not as exciting as a deliberately orchestrated cockfight, but here each ‘cock’ walked away with at most, minor injuries. My husband and I frequented a restaurant just outside of San Salvador where gamecocks were raised, and fights were hosted on weekends. We never watched a cockfight, but did see the roosters in their pens on our visits there. Gamecocks have beautiful coloring and feathers, much more handsome than their ‘bred for food’ counterparts. Ironically, the restaurant owners son, who cared for the gamecocks, was going to (can you believe this?) veterinary school. But here in El Salvador, so few people have money for higher-education, I am happy for him that he can go to school, even if it’s funded in part by gamecock fights.

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