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The rain came.  It literally did come down in cats and dogs and a very close-hit bolt of lightning with thunder cracked and scared the dickens out of my actual cat and dog.

The roof of our house does not have gutters attached, but extensions added to it to move the rain further away from the house than the roof originally was.  Still, it came down so heavy that water was gushing between each fold in the laminate ‘extension’.  Round the corner near the bathroom a huge stream, more of a creek, coming down off the roof gushed into a bucket I catch for rainwater to wash whites with.  Rain was pouring, streaming, and spewing from everywhere – it was the biggest day rain I’ve seen since we moved here 6 weeks back.  By the time I made it towards the sitting area, the computer keyboard and camera were covered with droplets from the mist and water spewing well into the covered patio on that side of the house.  I saved them just in time.  The rain did its best to make up for the long stretch of sun that began early morning and beamed down on us with good fortune all day.  Although our minds like to wander and forget, we are reminded daily that we live in a rainforest when the water comes.

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