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Spent the morning with my husband’s mother and learned something new about her.   We were talking about making new seat cushion covers for the chairs, as she just finished a waist-apron (called an delantal) made out of remnants of Christmas tablecloths.  It was neat the way it turned out, with one type of fabric for the main apron, and a different one she used for the “pockets part.” – Wednesday, January 13, 2010.


Christmas apron (delantal) Irene made herself

The Delantal
A delantal is simply an apron.  Women are seen wearing them anywhere and everywhere in El Salvador.  When driving through the country or city, you’ll see women sporting their aprons in markets, pupuserias, restaurants, french fry or other food stands, and on sidewalks as they sell various goods.  Sometimes women wear a delantal when not working, instead of carrying a purse.

The delantal most commonly seen is a waist-level apron that runs partway to the knees, is usually white (or light) with lots of lacey or ribbon fringe on it as decoration.  The utility of the delantal is its multiple pockets, to hold coins, paper money, and small items while a woman works in or outside of the home.

Almost all women sport a delantal, regardless of their age, and sometimes in unexpected places.

On a visit to Panchimalco, I commented to my friend that a lot of old ladies were walking up the street with their aprons on.  “Oh, they’re coming out of church,” she said.  “With an delantal?,” I asked.  She explained that in the country its common custom for older women go to church dressed that way during the week, so as not to change clothes in the middle of the day.

Here are some photos I found from others that show well what women look like wearing a ‘delantal’.

Nice shot, restricted on flickr, so click this link: Mercado Central by hurtadoc777

Photo by Lon and Queta on Flickr

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