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Please pass on this broadcast to let the world know the flooding storm 12E has caused.

From Diario El Mundo:

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A massive 10 day storm caused devastating flooding and mudslides in El Salvador and Central America in October 2011.  Tropical Depression 12E dumped 5 feet of rain in some areas.

Amazingly, we saw almost no coverage in North American press.

PICTURES:    La Prensa Gráfica – Photos of the Flood Damage

  • More rainfall than Hurricane Mitch (1998). Exceeds levels in past 50 years
  • 35 people killed (105+ total in Central America)
  • 55,000 evacuated to shelters and > 300,000 people affected
  • 20,000 homes flooded.  40% or more of crops lost
  • 10% of El Salvador flooded.  Over 10,000 wells contaminated.


HOW CAN YOU HELP?   Organizations with solid reputation




gringainelsalvador and concerned U.S. citizens in El Salvador


Posted November 3, 2011 by El Salvador from the Inside

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