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A Trip to the Clinic   2 comments

We went to the clinic just out of the neighborhood and down the road in Obrajuelo to see about a back pain Irene has been having for several days, and Don Cleto for some minor issues. Both Irene and Don Cleto got all gussied up for our short journey. Irene wetted her hair down, combed it all out and twirled her loose pony tail into a coil; Cleto wore his pale colored straw hat and brown leather shoes for the occasion.

When we got to the clinic we were lucky, no one was there but the two women on staff; instant service.

The visit did not go without the requisite questions or comments that often come; the nurses asking how do I like it in El Salvador, surprised how well I speak Spanish, and gee what a big deal it is I would move all the way here, isn’t my husband lucky to have me. (Oh how I wished he were there to hear that!).

In the waiting room, I became engaged  at a poster about breastfeeding; it was very educational, with photos, information and advice. Every poster in the clinic was about healthcare for children, breastfeeding, or family nutrition, and all of the posters had either the USAID symbol in the left corner or the UNICEF one on the right.

Conspiracy theories say USAID is a “front for the CIA”. Maybe so, but from what I observed today, they’re doing at least a bit of good in El Salvador.

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