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First day back after a required visit to the U.S.   Don’t get me started on El Salvadoran immigration and residency..   Drove to Chalatenango with my husband to make my “big deposit” at the bank.  I went to the bank before leaving the States with 3 grand cash because banks outside the U.S. don’t like to “bother” with Traveler’s checks anymore.  So I stuffed $ in five different places while traveling, crossed my fingers, and made it safely without a hitch.    Another successful adventure.

While in Chalate, we went to our favorite stop, the juice guy.  We get a fresh Orange Juice made from 8-10 oranges, blended with ice, for $1.

It’s so big we can share it, and was served in a glass pitcher the size of a large beer stein.  Wonderful.  One of the better perks that come with living in a third world country, and willing to go without the many conveniences in America.





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