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Fishing Salvadoran style with a Nasa   6 comments

In parts of El Salvador, a tradition from Indigenous times is fishing with a “Nasa”, or trap.   The Spanish word nasa is used for many types of fish traps.  The one we refer to is made of bamboo, and incorporates rocks and the current as part of the design.

A small nasa in a creek.  CLICK a pic to enlarge…

see the basket-style shape of the "Nasa"

note the 'V" shape of the Nasa

hubby with some of the 'catch'

closeup of fish - and from a small creek!

Now let’s move onto the big time Nasa.  Much bigger, it needs 2-3 people to carry it.   Note how the trap is set up in the river.   Two lines of large rocks are set up in the water, in the shape of a “V”, wide at the upstream end, and narrowing to the point where the nasa is placed.   Once fish swim between the rock lines, the current helps guide them into the trap / nasa.   Water is always running through the trap, so the fish stay alive until you come get them for dinner.

CLICK a pic to enlarge..

walking the nasa into the river

placing the nasa in brackets in between the rocks

“Pescando con una nasa en el salvador”

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