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Fresh Cream from the Farmer’s Dairy   2 comments

Until coming here, my idea of cream was the kind you find in the mini-size milk carton in the dairy section of the supermarket.  One of three varieties:  regular, cream, and ‘half and half’ which people use for coffee.  The color of all those creams is a presentable off-white.

Many creams in the supers here are also that same color.  Like the ‘Salud’ brand I use as sour cream because it ‘turns’ quick and tastes exactly like sour cream back home.

This is the good stuff.

One great thing about being in El Salvador is that you are often within a 10 minute walk or drive from a dairy that sells fresh cream and Salvadoran style cheeses from local farms. People eat cream here with fried plantains (platanos), and with beans.

Now, I want you all to take a look at fresh cream as it comes from a dairy, or Lacteo, as we call it here.  The bag of cream to the right was liquid when we bought it, and after a few days it began to slowly solidify, while still keeping its fresh taste.  Can you see how yellow and buttery the color is?  This is what REAL cream looks like.

Below is a video showing how thick the cream is.  (apologies for sideways, can’t get ‘rotate’ in YouTube working…)

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