There is No Fart ( Speaking Salvadoran – Lesson One )   11 comments

A literal translation of a common phrase used by Salvadorans:  “No Hay Pedo”,  means ‘There is no Fart.”

Makes absolutely no sense but they get it and that’s all that matters.  Now you get it, too.

For us, it really means ‘Don’t Worry About it,’ or ‘It’s Ok’, ‘That’s Fine”, et cetera.    For example, my husband is going to a friend’s house and is running late to bring over beer, or there will be a change of plans, or something of that matter.  So he’ll say “No Hay Pedo.”   So don’t worry man, there’s NO FART!     HA HA!   Being a non-native Spanish speaker, I have to giggle sometimes when I think of the actual words.

Pedo is used in a other expressions, but often to mean “What’s up?” or ‘What’s going on?” with:  “Que Pedo?”

It is slang so you wouldn’t use it anywhere, just like you would not say ‘what’s up Dude!’ to an elder at a church event.  But in the street with your buds, hey –  no hay pedo.

Posted December 29, 2013 by El Salvador from the Inside in Living in El Salvador

11 responses to “There is No Fart ( Speaking Salvadoran – Lesson One )

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  1. its not like that, when you say “Que pedo!” its like “whats its your problem! or WTF! and its more used in young troubles circles i not recommend say that.

    • Well that’s funny bc my husband says “Pedo” all the time, not in from of his mom of course. Says it while talking with friends, often joking around – and he’s definitely not a person who starts conflicts with people – he’s very diplomatic. So I’m surprised to hear it means ‘what’s your problem?”

      The slang verb “Chingar” – pp like my husband use it in El Salvador like it’s nothing, to means “messing” with you instead of “f*cking” with you, but if you say that in Mexico and they won’t take it lightly.

  2. Good morning Jen! This is my first reply to a blog …lol. I read yours …I didn’t realize they would be so long… Or is that the general idea? I enjoyed meeting you the other day and I’ll certainly keep you posted on my book! Curt

  3. My first email address was wrong that’s what I get for using my fingers on the small typing keyboard

    • Hey, Curt, great to hear from you. Yes some of my blogposts are longer, but I like to give good information. I feel its up to the writer, but a lot of blogs have short quippy little entries that say nothing at all – like little burps of info. I like to give pp a bit more meat in their read.

  4. To whom it may concern,
    I really liked your little post. I am currently doing some research on Salvadoran expressions and wondered if maybe you could help me or some of your followers. I have created a little survey which will take 5 minutes to fill in. Thanks in advance for your help. Kilda

  5. That is something (phrase) used by Mexicans and recently brought to El Salvador by Salvadorians living in the USA visiting to El Salvador. And it is not widespread yet, unfortunately it is becoming popular especially among vulgars.

    • Or maybe Salvadorans returned home for a long stay, or deported. Funny to see you use the word ‘vulgars’ – but I get your drift. Just today I was walking to the subway (I’m in Boston right now), and heard a guy say ‘que Pedo’ to the person on the phone. That’s the other variation. Que Pedo? as in what’s up. But oddly, the literal translation meaning ‘What’s the fart?’. I try to see the humor in it all.

  6. Is there such a thing as “being late” for ANY Salvatrucha? LOL Maybe because it’s beer but last I heard, when you were “late” it means you missed it all together… lol

    • Finding a decent lawyer is very hard to do in El Salvador. We had troubles with two different lawyers we were working with one for my Salvador residency and another with my husbands small property. I would be afraid to recommend a lawyer because they might be crooked!

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