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It’s that time of year again…now that rainy season is in full swing, signs of life begin to emerge.   We inaugurate the  new “winter” season in El Salvador – which compares more to spring in temperate climates, with plants bursting green everywhere  – with a visit from some friends who emerged from the foliage.

I was literally sitting on the toilet the other day, when in marched Mr. Walking Stick, not in the least concerned I was already in the bathroom.   Unable to move, I was grateful to see him on the other side of the bathroom, heading for refuge behind the trash can.

A day later, shortly after blowing my hair out, I spied a strange object on the corner of the dresser mirror.

Was he there the whole time or did he just wiggle his way up there?

What's that on the mirror?

Hey, weren't you in the bathroom the other day?

Yep - it's Mr. Walking Stick again

CLICK to enlarge Green visitor

Either coming as a voyeur or looking a makeover, I didn’t mind visits from Mr. Stick.

Returning home late evening this same day, what do I find on the pot we use to heat water every day, but a bright, green…

This visitor was a bit more intrusive.  Luckily I found it before my husband, as I have learned over the past year or more that Salvadorans are DEATHLY afraid of caterpillars.   Who knew?  And us Americans, we think they are soooooo cute.

Almost everyone I know from El Salvador says ‘eek’ when seeing a ‘gusano’ or even mentioning one.  On a walk with a friend the other day, we passed a small tree / bush that had been cut or fallen partially into the street.  She screamed, hopping over the branches, and dashing ahead. “Ewwww, gusanos!” she said.   I took a look.  In fact, there was a gathering.  And they were gorgeous, with bright colors like yellow, black and red.  Their fear is not irrational:  caterpillars here can give a smart sting, so they learn quick as children ‘Don’t Touch!’

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Click a photo of one of our lovely insects in El Salvador to read more…

walking stick insect el salvador
large orange and brown butterfly with white spot on each wing Spinybacked Orbweaver - White - El Salvador  strange insects in El Salvador 2
……more to come

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One Hundred.  So says my husband, about the “Cien Pies” (Centipede) we’ve seen in both the dry area of El Salvador in Chalatenango, in the Northwest, and Los Planes, just to the south of San Salvador.  The shot on newspaper gives you an idea of the size of this creepy crawly critter.

This one is between 3-4 inches long. It’s most distinguishing characteristic is the way it wiggles as it crawls, and gives you the heeby-geebies. More in the Cien Pie / Centipede at Wiki.   See more at the Wonderful World of Insects in El Salvador Photo Gallery.

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So my brother-in-law thought it would be cute to surprise me with this new and not so little friend, leaving it on our back patio for me.  I ran for cover when he first alighted, then ran for the camera once he sat still.  He was almost 6 inches long, and so big his neck looks like it belongs on a lobster:

No shortage of natural surprises here in El Salvador.  Seeing is believing.   See more at the Wonderful World of Insects in El Salvador Photo Gallery.

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