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Hey wait a minute, that was…an…


Ok, it was very minor, but when you’re sitting at home alone and it hits, you get the willies.

Comically, my husband has felt at least two of these “sismo” or “temblor” as they call these tremors when I didn’t feel a thing.  The trick is to be sitting still.  If you are standing up and moving around, you might not feel it.  One ‘sismo’ I did feel happened while my friend Chata, her daughter, and I were sitting at a pupuseria in Los Planes.  Chata noticed it first, then Sara and I did – although it was subtle.

But THIS time…

I was sitting in the chair watching TV, when I felt something like a wave roll underneath my chair and seemingly to the other side of the room.  For a moment I felt a sensation reminiscent of an illicit drug from days long gone by.  I looked to the right and saw my laptop jiggling, as if someone had just bumped the table, and to my left heard the metal door rattling against its frame.  For ONCE I felt the damn thing and no one to share the excite and fright with.   Arg!   I called my friend Chata:  “No, we didn’t feel anything” she said, but they were on a walk (remember what I said about up and moving around?).   So I call my husband.  Ring Ring, Ring Ring, Ring Ring…   No answer, no one to share the scare.

I thought I may have even imagined this, but alas, my sensations were on the mark.  I found a web page which recorded the mini earthquake:

Horrible translation, but you get the idea:

These ‘sismos’ happen all the time in El Salvador, but are no less frightening regardless of frequency, as tremendous damage and many lives were lost in both the 2001 and 1986 earthquakes.  So we count our blessings when its a ‘mini’.

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