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Scorpion: a first encounter   1 comment

My first encounter with a Scorpion, a “near sting” experience, was in December 2008.   “Oh look, a dead Scorpion”, I said to my husband, since it was so flat looking.   As I stooped down for a closer look he warned “Don’t get any closer, he’s not dead!”

The bite of this Salvadoran variety Scorpion is fairly harmless, however – more like a bee or wasp sing.  Not quite the Arizona Bark Scorpion that has reason to be feared.  Scorpion, in a defensive stance:

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Scorpian Encounter III of many – El Salvador   Leave a comment

What's that BROWN thing in the corner?

By now we’d grown accustomed to Scorpian sightings in rural Chalatenango, El Salvador.

They live in “El Techo” (the roof) says my father-in-law.  Hiding between crevices in las Tejas, the terracotta roof tiles, Scorpions occasionally find their way into the house.

The walls in our house stop several inches short of the roof to leave a a gap for air circulation, so the critters easily wander their way in.

This scorpian looks "Panzon" (pregnant) says my mother-in-law


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Scorpian Encounter II – El Salvador   4 comments

Scorpian "Alacran": post-humus, El Salvador

This is one of my all-time favorite insect moments in El Salvador.   My husband went into the shower without his towel, and asked me to bring it to him.  I went into the bedroom and pulled the towel off our plastic assemble-it-yourself closet, walking through the family room and patio, and into the bathroom with it.  Not 30 seconds later I hear a half scream, half yell, “Yenny!”  I go running into the bathroom to see my red-faced husband, now accusing me of “planting a Scorpian” in his towel.  “Are you OK?  What can I do?”  I asked.    “Nothing NOW!”  he said.    “So now what?  To the hospital?  Have you been stung before?”   “No, No, No,”  he says.   The won’t kill you, at least not this kind of Alacran.  Jesus had never been stung before, and explained how it felt, as it was happening.  The “Alacran” (scorpian) stung him just below his shoulder, above his heart.   He said it first felt like a bee or wasp sting, and later, it felt like small electrical impulses were fanning out from the sting – they were very odd sensations.  The crazy part is that I carried the towel all the way from inside the house into the bathroom and never got stung.   To this day my husband still half believes this was “Towel Sabatoge” and that I intentionally “delivered” him a biological weapon.


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