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The aftermath: picking up the pieces   3 comments

This sight brings tears to your eyes. This is the aftermath. We're living it. Farmers wading in waist-high water trying to salvage their crops. Families drying maize and beans on roofs, the roadside, anywhere, to salvage what they can.

from La Prensa Grafica. Click to link

PLEASE DONATE towards relief for Tropical Depression 12E in El Salvador.   Here are a few organizations.

Habitat for Humanity long after the disaster is over and forgotten, they will be rebuilding

Sister cities:   helping with immediate relief effort.  Cities in the U.S. sponsor/sister with towns here.

Oxfam:  a tried and true humanitarian name.

Urgent needs:    Potable water, and food. << fields flooded and wells contaminated >>

Long term needs:    Rebuild effort << 20,000 flooded homes, hundreds of damaged schools >>

Storm update: latest stats / Estadisticas del temporal que afecta Centroamerica   2 comments

Storm-related statistics on Tropical Depression 12E as of Thursday, October 20, 2011:

  • 105 deaths &  1 million people are affected in Central America.

Statistics for El Salvador:

  • 34 Dead, 24 injured, and 2 missing
  • 150,000 people affected by the storm
  • more than 52,000 evacuated
  • 18,445 houses are flooded
  • over 60% of the crop is lost in the Lower Lempa region  (the country may see 45% or more loss)
  • 10% of the country is flooded
  • 4 bridges have collapsed and 14 bridges were damaged
  • landslides have blocked many roads, and sections of roads have collapsed, making them impassible

(As you can see, the numbers doubled and tripled in four days.  The rains continued on Wednesday, for a total of 10 days of non-stop rain, and finally this morning we saw the sun. )

Storm-related statistics as of 5:00pm on Sunday Oct. 16, 2011:

  • 66 dead in Central America a the hands of the storm
  • 24 confirmed fatalities in El Salvador
  • nearly 14,000 evacuees (> 13,800)
  • Two major bridges out so far (Arce bridge in Harachadura / bridge in Ateos on highway between San Salvador and Sonsonate), and a 3rd, the Playón bridge , to the south of  San Vicente has also collapsed.
  • Landslides throughout the country, blocking roads and sadly, fatally burying Salvadoran citizens.  A  seven year old girl in Jayaque, La Libertad died from a landslide, and 4 were killed in City Arce (Ciudad Arce) when a mudslide landed on their home.  (Yesterday a 16 year old in San Marcos died when a wall and earth in his home collapsed on him).

Estadísticas hasta 5 de la tarde, por el temporal en centroamérica:

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