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A Typical Morning: 6am   Leave a comment

These photos were taken shortly after 6am on July 13, 2011 in Los Planes de Renderos, San Salvador, El Salvador.  The fog  is typical during rainy season and appears early morning and late afternoon.

CLICK on a pic to enlarge:

street in front of the church/school

Fog blankets bamboo, guarumo, other trees

Veranera (bougainvilla) in front of backyard trees and fog

bamboo fence inside the school children's play area for the church school

ferocious dog guarding the house

looking out over back fence into the fog

One normally sees clouds flowing over them where they live.  Because we are so high up here in Los Planes de Renderos, the clouds flow ON us.  They get ‘caught’ by the mountain and scrape over the top, giving us fog, rain, and lots of humidity.  It’s like living in a giant terrarium.

Due to the tropical weather, numerous mountain ranges, and often close proximity to the coastline, Central America has a wide variety of regional micro climates like the one here.

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