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Procession of the Way of the Cross / Procesión del Víacrucis (Vía Crucis)   Leave a comment

Nuns walk towards where procession will start, 9:30am

Here are photos of a few stations for the Way of the Cross processions on Good Friday in Los Planes de Renderos, San Salvador, El Salvador.  A morning procession took place, and in the evening, an even larger, more attended procession happened from 7:00pm – 10:00pm local time.

Click any photo to enlarge it.

This Viacrucis station was my favorite. Gorgeous colors and flowers

detail of viacrucis to the left

It was lovely how they sprinkled flowers in front of this viacrucis station.

Nice natural detail for this viacrucis with heliconia flowers and sawdust in front

more detail of viacrucis on the left

Information on the Stations of, or the Way of the Cross below (known in Spanish as the “Viacrucis” or “Estaciones de la Cruz” and also “Vía Dolorosa”)

Way of the cross – English.

Viacrucis (o Vía crucis) – Espanol

Here are videos of the processions as they took place in Los Planes de Renderos for 2010 and 2011.  Visit the 2010 one first, it’s more authentic with no music overlay, you can hear the people praying and chanting (and even Cicadas in the background!)  2011 is available also.  Both were shot by jucabuher (YouTube user name).

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