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Saintweek Begins! Semana Santa Empieza en El Salvador !   Leave a comment

Festivities for Semana Santa in El Salvador (Holy/Saint week) began yesterday morning, and it was lovely.   Friday marked the start with Viernes de Dolores,  “Friday of Sorrows” or night of the altars*. has a page from Spain naming each day and calendar date.

Photo by CAMARO27, in post "Primer Viernes de Cuaresma" Feb 2010

I was at church without leaving the house.   I’ll explain:  in front of our house is an Evangelical church with large parochial school.  They were singing along starting with morning classes.   A church on the other side of the ravine, behind our house, was singing folk gospel songs all day and into the night, well past 10:00pm.

It was so wonderful to to hear such happy music emanating everywhere.

* People throughout El Salvador set up altars everywhere in devotion for the Vía Crucis – Way of the Cross, when Jesus walked to his crucifixion (National Shrine of Saint Francis of Assisi gives an explanation).  My mother-in-law set up a “Vía Cruz,” as they call it here, decorated with flowers and ornaments in front of her house.

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