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Election Results – Elecciones 2012 – El Salvador   Leave a comment

Hi all, overdue on posting election results.  The long and short of it is ARENA came out as the biggest winner, both for seats in the legislative assembly and for mayors in municipalities.   The spread between municipalities (Alcaldías) won by ARENA versus FMLN is striking – see results below.    Both Tim’s El Salvador Blog and Voices from El Salvador offer great election results coverage, so visit their blogs for more detail and analysis.

LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY SEATS  – Deputies (think: Senator) – “Diputados”

ARENA won 33 seats
FMLN just behind with 31
GANA won 11 seats
CN winning 6
3 remaining seats were won by CD (1), PES (1), and a coalition of PES/CN (1)
– none of the independent candidates were elected as Deputy (“Diputado”).

MUNICIPALITIES – “Alcaldías” ( Mayors –  “Alcaldes” )  – from

ARENA won 116 municipalities
FMLN won 85
CN  (Concertación Nacional) won 23
GANA (Gran Alianza por la Unidad Nacional ) won 16
PES (El Partido de la Esperanza) won 4
– 3 municipalities were won by CN in coalition with PES (Partido de la Esperanza).
– 8 municipalities won by FMLN and CD (Cambio Democrático) as a coalition.
– 2 won by PES (Partido de la Esperanza) in coalition with FMLN.
– 1 was won by a coaltion between PES and GANA.

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