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Will you help write history for El Salvador?   2 comments

Readers, can I ask you for help today?

I recently learned of a mother-daughter team who began working over five years ago to document an important part of El Salvador’s history.

They are Inez and Ruby, and they are documenting the stories, as told by the families, of people who disappeared before and during the civil war here.   The organization behind this effort is CoMadres, which stands for the Committee of Mothers, one of the first human rights organizations in El Salvador.

Ruby and Inez have come to El Salvador on numerous trips for this project.  They are in the final stages of the research for this tremendous project, and are fundraising to support this work, which will help pay for airline flights and supplies to complete two trips this year.

They are close to their goal.  Can you help them reach it by making a donation?   They have a few weeks left before their fundraising campaign ends:

Learn more about the project, Writing the history of CoMadres, at their website.

Co-Madres was initiated by a group of women in the 1970s in response to extreme political repression and violence. They have struggled continuously for human rights for all in El Salvador and internationally.
Ruby visited their office in 2005 to learn about their work. When they suggested that perhaps one day someone would help them write their history, we decided to be that someone — despite having no experience or formal training. This blog chronicles the joys and tribulations of that effort.
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