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Community in Santa Tecla without water for 6 days now   Leave a comment

Colonia Quezaltepeque in Santa Tecla has been without water since the weekend and it’s Thursday now.  A video clip today on Channel 33 (Canal 33) shows people waiting in line with buckets and containers of all sizes to bring home.  Some waited in line for 3 hours.  A woman in line with a small bucket is interviewed:

ORIGINAL Text, in Spanish:

Periodista:  Este poquito de agua para que le va  servir.
Mujer de la colonia Quesaltepeque:  Aunque sea para lavar trastes porqu ni para ir al bano ay.  Todos tenemos sucio, y los trastes anda un gran mosquero alli.   
PARA tomar anda, como estan haciendo?   Comprando bolsitas.  
Es un gasto extra…  Mujer:  Para comprar la garaffa grande

TRANSLATION into English:

Journalist:  So what is this little bit of water for?
Woman from Quezaltepeque neighborhood:  Even if it’s only for washing dishes..because there isn’t even any for the bathroom.  Everything is dirty, and the dishes are full of flies.
Journalist:  What are you doing for drinking water?  Woman:  Buying little bags [of it].      Journalist:  It’s an extra Cost    Woman:   To buy the big water bottle.

Seeing reports like this of citizens suffering from water outages and shortages is disturbing when we are aware of mass corruption within ANDA, the public water company – we’re talking millions of dollars embezzled; its former President did finally serve time after hiding out in France.    Then we hear about a company, ALUVIAH, taking water from a creek illegally in the community of Berlin, and bottling it for sale outside of the country.  The residents of two different communities use this same creek for all of their water needs – drinking, bathing, washing.

WATER IS A SCARCE RESOURCE in EL SALVADOR.   Anything you can do to help citizens of El Salvador have better infrastructure and less corruption is welcomed.

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