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Strange Fruit: the amazing Anona   8 comments

The anona is a delicious fruit grown in El Salvador.  It is green on the outside, and looks like a distant cousin of the artichoke, with bumpy skin.

On the inside, the anona is not like any fruit I can describe from the U.S. but perhaps a combination.  If you can imagine a sourish type of apple whose texture was not firm when you bit in, but smushy.  That’s as close as I can get, but so you have come here and try one to experience it.

The fruit is slightly pasty, with a grainy texture, and sour.  It has hard seeds inside of pocketed sections of the yummy fruit.

When in season, which it is now, women can be seen on the roadside selling it, and walking around neighborhoods with them, for usually .50-.75 or $1+ each for larger anonas.  Click any picture to enlarge.

Posted September 4, 2011 by El Salvador from the Inside in Fruit

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