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Posted December 8, 2010 by El Salvador from the Inside

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  1. Hi Jen It is very cold here. Interesting topics on your blog I have eaten armadillo iguana no, turtle but not eggs honey comb seems sweet. watch out for the bees.

    Feliz Navidad Anthony

    • Hi Anthony. So NICE to see you here on my blog. Thank you for visiting, and even more for leaving a comment (you’re the first one!).
      I’m sorry it is so cold there, and awful glad I’m here now! We are chillin’ a bit here, but nothing like a Noreaster: its gotten down to mid-50s at night time and we have no heat system except sweatpants and cuddling! Wont trade it for Boston though.

      are your halls decked for Navidad?

  2. ni se si leas español pero si lo haces te felicito por tu pagina, interesante la forma que estas viviendo en mi pais, Saludos desde Houston Texas un salvadoreno que dejo su patria hace algunas decadas

    Feliz Navidad y revienta muchos cohetes

    • Armando, muchisimas gracias por su comento. Si, hablo espanol, con errores, pero bastante para comunicar. Que bueno Ud. encontro mi blog, me alegre! Por los que solo hablen el ingles, les voy a traducir sus palabras para compartirlas con ellos:

      Dear readers: the following is a translation of Armando’s comment:

      “I don’t know if you read Spanish, if you do I congratulate you for your page. Its interesting the way in which you are living in my country, Greetings from Houston, Texas, by a Salvadoran who left his country decades ago. Merry Christmas and set off many firecrackers”

  3. Hi,
    I like your website very much!
    Lots of useful and entertaining information.
    I’ll be back later to read more….

  4. Hi, I just thought I’d tell you that you have a very interesting blog. Thank you so much for sharing this information and keep it up

    Stephanie from Canada

  5. Jen – great site and really nice work. Can’t wait to read more!

    Lisa (Brooks) Ludlow
  6. Saludos desde Berlín, Usulután! I happened to find your blog when I was trying to figure out what a tacuazín looks like. I’m here in Berlín for a year teaching English at a school (volunteering) and working with a group of people called the Pastoral Team. They’re a group of Salvadoran volunteers, all who live in the cantons, who’ve been working together since 1990 on sustainable community development and other projects.

    It’s so great to read about El Salvador from another gringa’s perspective! I’ve seen and experienced some of the same things you have. I really love your blog posts and the layout of the whole blog. I’m excited to spend more time reading. I’m glad I stumbled upon your blog!

    I’d planned to email this to you but couldn’t get the “email me” button to work. This is the link to my blog:
    Alisha, aka Chelita

    Alisha Lundberg
    • Hi there! Glad to hear you are doing good things here. I love that your nickname is Chelita. I checked out your pic on and you do fit the profile! (for readers who don’t know, “Chelita” is a nickname for fair-skinned and/or blonde people in El Salvador).

      You can reach me at (replace the AT with @). I started to read your blog. It’s great, and I’m learning a lot about your area in Usulutan. I must check out Berlin!

      Thank you so much for leaving a note (I love getting comments) and I’m so glad to hear from a fella gringa living in El Salvador. Will keep in touch and will put you in my blogroll.

      Salu back to ya,


  7. Hi Jen,

    Just came across your blog and really enjoy it, so I featured it in today’s post at Tim’s El Salvador Blog.


  8. I came across you blog today and liked it very much. I like the “inside” information you provide. As a “Salvadoreño” living in the US I appreciate it. Thank you for your effort and I look forward to more reading. Carlos

  9. I just came across your blog site today and it’s the first one I’ve seen that’s actually put together with some good thought and planning. This site reminds me a bit of Jack Kerouac mixed with Huell Howser’s California Gold.

    You are a gringa in El Salvador; I’m a coreano-americano in El Salvador. I’m excited to show my wife this site. She is 100% guanaca and enjoys this type of information.

  10. Somebody sent me a link to this blog today and I am blown away. I’ve been living in ES for over two years and am only recently finding that there are more gringas here. I will be checking your site often for updates, looking forward to reading more.

    • Hi Jennifer, I’m glad you found my blog. Apologies for not replying sooner, have been busy with a brand new job – I’m at a call center, wahoo! shoot me an email, I’d love to hear about your experiences since you’ve been here – bauerfoto AT gmail DOT com

  11. Jen-
    I too live in El Salvador and have shared similar experiences since I arrived in 2006. Additionally, I believe I live just down the hill from you in San Marcos. Hope to see you around some day!

  12. From Dallas Texas missing my natal land with love. I think what you’re doing is awesome…. I love this blog keep up the good work!!!

    Alfredo Beltran
  13. I just wanted to tell you that I am throroughly enjoying your blog! I stumbled upon it while searching out information on traveling to El Salvador.
    My husband I will be there in a couple of weeks, building stoves in a small community. I feel much more prepared now that I have read your blog!
    keep up the good work.
    Warm regards,
    Darcie Guarderas – Winnipeg, Canada

    Darcie Guarderas
  14. I believe it’s called Santa Catarina, in the mountains.. we are two couples that decided (over a few glasses of wine) that it was time to stop talking about doing something good in the world, and starting doing something good in the world. We have fundraised like crazy and the time has come. We leave next Saturday! I have collected over 100 pairs of gently used soccer shoes as well as some great jerseys. I got several great ideas from your blog. I found a great deal on barbies and barbie clothing so I loaded up.. and lots of great school supplies. I have been studying Spanish daily (and although I understand quite abit, I get tongue tied when I try to speak out loud). I am certain the local children will help me get over my fears!

    Darcie Guarderas
  15. Darcie, I’m so glad to hear this. By now you are already in Santa Catarina building stoves and giving kids soccer sneakers and barbies – they will love them, that was such a great idea. I hope you are enjoying your stay while here, the weather and the people. The area you are going to is probably beautiful, looks like its close to my sister-in-law in Santo Domingo de Guzman and it’s gorgeous over there. Thank you for coming to El Salvador to make a difference!

  16. We are back from Santa Catarina and it was amazing in so many ways! You inspired me to blog while I was away as well.
    It a beautiful country with beautiful people. I only wish we could have done more.
    Here is my blog – I stopped short and I need to follow up.. but you may enjoy some of the early moments.

    Darcie Guarderas
  17. Hello! I am an American living in Santa Ana and loved reading all of your posts. I appreciate most of the topics and can definately empathize with most of your thoughts and writings about every day life. I am living here w/ my husband and daughter and we are currently waiting on my husbands visa. We have an extended waiting period because he entered illegally out of monetary necessity for his family and we are waiting on the “waiver” that is necessary for approval before we can re-enter. I speak spanish (thank goodness!) or living here would be nearly unbearable as no one speaks english! Thank you for your writings. Please continue to blog and i will continue to enjoy reading. 🙂

    • Hi Candice, so good to hear from another Gringa married to a Salvadoran and living the Salvadoran way for awhile. I’m glad you found my blog, and I’ll shoot you an email separately as I’d love to hear more about how things are going for you.

  18. Hola Jen. It is really refreshing reading your blog about our country. You truly have a gift for writing and picking the most mundane and exotic topics, and an excellent eye for pictures. Keep up your great stories. Can’t wait for introducing this site to my children, all born in Melbourne where I lived for almost 25 years. Mil gracias, Nap.

    Napoleon Amaya
    • Napoleon, thank you for leaving a comment. I used to be an amateur photographer years back, so that’s why. It makes me happy to see you and others enjoying my blog. I’ll keep writing for as long as I can, and hope your kids enjoy the site when they see it.

  19. I found you off of Marketwatch – interesting life you’re having. I’m not sure I understand the ‘attraction’ of living in El Salvador. I get the whole ‘different pace’ and simplicity thing but there’s something I’m missing ? Jef

    • Hi Jef, yes it is an interesting life right now. My husband is Salvadoran, that’s how I ended up here. We won’t be here permanently, as my husband prefers the United States, for better employment and job contracts. There is definitely an attraction to living here. For me, it’s mostly the climate, awesome fresh fruits, a low-key approach to life. Definitely hard to make a living, but you’d be surprised at the number of gringos who are interested in moving here – lots in the surfing circuit and trying to start business in that on the coast. Thank you for coming to visit my blog from Marketwatch. Too bad I’m not a successful options or swing-trader, we could stay here forever!

  20. Hi Jen, I love all the work you put into your blog, it’s the unmistakenly salvadorean sayings that keep coming back to your blog.
    Well done.
    Cheers from Canada


    • Koky, it makes me happy to hear you recognize the Salvadoran sayings in my blog. It was a great few years, and we hope to go back and live again permanently, in the future, probably to to retire. If you are able to visit El Salvador, you should go down! It’s so worth it if you can get the time off. Y Ud. no tendria q tener envidia ni tristeza!

  21. Hi, you are very lucky you lived a truly salvadoran experience visiting and living with the beautiful country side and its people as your backdrop, I am salvadoreno from la ciudad y me da envidia y Tristeza what I missed and took for granted while living there.
    Love your blog.

  22. Hi there….My name is Sandra and I live in Kansas but I was born and raised in ES…until I was 18.(1984) Yup…I turning 50 this years and with plans of returning to my homeland for good…My fiance, our best friend and I visited ES last November and now are planning on moving there permanently!…Your blog is so very helpful and interested….Thanks …Be well

    • Sandra thank you for your comment. I know it was sometime ago so I’m wondering how far along you are in your return to El Salvador. It’s very exciting and I hope you can choose a place that is comfortable and safe. Hope to hear back from you. I will try to stay on top of comments more going forward I had no idea how many were in the queue.

  23. I came across your blog while researching mango groves, particularly in El Sal. I was a peace corps volunteer in El Sal, witnessed some of the ‘civil’ war. I married a national while serving. We live in US and I have often considered returning to live, though my wife is less enthusastic. Your blog is well done with perspective unique to an ex-pat. Your site looks like it’s been relatively dormant for awhile, I hope you continue to post for enjoyment and benefit of those of us who care for and miss El Sal. Que Dios Te Bendiga. Dave

    • Dave thank you for commenting and I’ll apologize for the delayed response. I get too much spam in my email box and don’t see comments from this blog soon enough and half of them are also spam! That’s awesome that you married a national from being in the Peace Corps. I do understand her fear of living there. My husband who is from El Salvador would like to go back and live but it’s tough because there are so few safe areas and there is virtually no economy. If you have retirement income that takes care of the economy part but you’ll be looking over your shoulder because of the safety part. But there are so many factors and choices that anything is possible. Thanks again for chiming in. One day I’ll work less and have more time for my blog again!

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