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This blog is about living in El Salvador, from the inside.  While here, I have not been living in a gated community nor traversing the realm of well to do and upper class social circles.   For the most part, I have lived with or  among the poor.

Witnessing the daily struggle Salvadorans go through up close as a family member, neighbor, and friend, this blog intends to reveal what life is like in El Salvador from the inside.

I will not intend or pretend to be “Salvadoran,” or state that I share in their hardships, when my finances, education, and American status afford me a much easier life.

Here you will read about experiences, noteworthy news items, daily frustrations, opinions shouted from atop the soap box, and many sudden and beautiful surprises, all brought to you from the tiniest country in Latin America, El Salvador.

Posted August 22, 2010 by El Salvador from the Inside

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  1. A special thanks to Tim Muth for directing me to this site

  2. Lived in San Salvador back in 1979-1981. U. S. Marine at
    U. S. Embassy. Love the country and Married a local girl, 30 years ago.

  3. Worked special operations in Central America and lived in El Salvador on and off for the past 8 years. Married a guanaca here in California. Plan on making a permanent move in a few years. Good blog post and informative. Seriously, I think the crime plague is not that much worse in El Salvador than parts of south central los angeles.

  4. Thanks for your insight and to TIm’s El Salvador that directed me here. I’ve lived here since 2006 first as a Peace Corps Volunteer in rural Morazan and Sonsonate and then as an English teacher in the capital. I just married a local girl as well and am looking forward to spending many more years here. I too have never lived in the well to do neighborhoods nor rubbed elbows with the country’s elite, but have tried to make all my experiences at the average Salvadoran’s level.

  5. We just discovered your blog. We have been looking for other gringo(a)s living in El Salvador. My wife Jean and I live 8 months a year on Isla Cordoncillo which is located in estero Jaltepeque along Costa del Sol. Just as you, we live with the people and we do what we can to help our neighbors. We love life in this country, especially the people.

    • Well Hi Bill and Jean, I’m glad you’re here. And looks like you are big boaters, and I’m happy to hear you are bringing more down to El Salvador. El Salvador is a wonderful place, and I’m glad you are living the more authentic existence here.

  6. Thank you so much for posting on my beautiful country! The last time I visited was in 98’… I reside in New Orleans, but I always search for blogs on my country. Again, thank you, we don’t get much news about what happens in Central America here. God bless

    P S. I would like to serve in a medical mission team as an RN. Do you know of any that go to El Salvador?

    • Hi Tirsa, thank you for visiting my blog. You defintely have to come down some time soon. I do not know of any medical missions personally that come here. I can direct you to some of the hospitals down here, either private or public, if you need help with that. One that always advertises on the radio here is ProFamilia. They are a private hospital. We can talk more at my email address bauerfoto AT gmail.com

  7. Hello! I wonder why I only discovered this blog now..?! It’s great, and I really enjoy reading. It brings back a lot of memories from my time in El Salvador!

    I have helped a salvadorian set up a blog, as he has no other way to express himself (…safely). I think this is very important, not only for him, but also for people around the world. Necesitamos una voz que dice la verdad, que cuenta de la realidad del pueblo.

    Here is the link: http://www.martinkayser.com/tierrademiseriayleyendas/

    I would love to hear your thoughts on it!

    I hope you continue enjoying life in El Salvador (I definitely miss it!!!)

  8. I really enjoyed reading your blog. My family (me, my husband, and children) are planning to move to El Salvador within the next year. We have purchased property in El Zonte and plan to open a small surf lodge and live on the property as well. I didn’t see on the blog what town you are in? We have visited 3 times in the past year and love the country and the people. Do you have any advice for soon to be Expats?

    • Hi Shana, El Zonte is very popular from what I hear. Good for you and your family on opening a lodge there. Advice would be to learn Spanish and read all you can on blogs by expats in El Salvador and news articles. I’m sure I dont have to tell you all about the crime rates here, etc., everyone knows about that. We live in Los Planes de Renderos, but also have family in the dept of Chalatenango. My personal advice, b4 starting a business, would be to live here a few months first. That may not be possible, but it sure would be helpful if you can do it. Check out my blogroll and links for Life in the Armpit and What’s up El Salvador, they should also be helpful for you.

  9. Thanks for the blog and wonderful information. I have traveled to El Salvador a half dozen or so times in the last 10 years including a 14 month stay in Armenia from 2004-2005. I am a part of an organization called USA New Horizons, based in Sonoma, CA, that works in a wide variety of areas in El Salvador. Looking forward to using your blog to stay informed on the goings on in my querido El Salvador!

    • Michael, nice to hear from you, I am glad you found this blog. Armenia must have been wonderful to stay in for over a year. I’m on the USA New Horizons website right now – your organization has done a lot, and in a variety of areas. I’m going to keep reading more. Thank you for visiting and commenting.

  10. Thank God I found this blog while surfing the net at work. lol it’s good to hear of all the awesome things El Salvador has to offer. I envy each and every one of you Gringos living in El Salvador. My dream is to retire and buy some land in El Salvador but for right now I’m just stacking my chips and saving as much as I can.

    Alfredo Beltran
  11. hi from ecuador!
    i have passed through el salvador several times but have never had the time to explore/enjoy the country. i have had great experiences and hope one of these days my path brings me back.
    i’ve enjoyed looking at your posts!

    • Hi Playamart, when you come back to El Salvador, two places I recommend are Lago Coatapeque, and if possible, renting a car or take a tour/bus, the drive up the Cerro Verde with views of the Lake is gorgeous, esp. if you stop to see them. Also, a nice day trip not far from San Salvador is the parque acuatico called Los Chorros – just outside of Santa Tecla going west on CA-1. The mountains around La Palma are also beautiful. Ojala q Ud. pase por El Salvador y que se quede un par de dias.

  12. Ahh…awesome to see another blogger! I am here for work for the US…Gringo all the way and it’s not easy to fit in!..I’d say impossible! Awesome Blog, I can’t wait to read up on some on your adventures!

    • Hi Mike! So nice to hear from a fellow blogger, too. I just checked out your blog, and read your recent entry about the earthquake – good on the 7feet side to side sway instead of crumble down. OK, so based on your pic, you are young, blonde haired and blue eyed, which means that in El Salvador you are….. a HEARTTHROB! NO kidding. How long will you be working in El Salvador?

      • Thanks! I haven’t update my blog in some time, I’ll try to get to it today, just been super busy! The earthquakes are pretty awesome. Guess that’s the trade we make…hurricanes for earthquakes! I’ll be here until about mid December then I’m headed back to South Carolina 🙂 I’ve been out dancing a few times since I’ve been here…can’t say I lack any attention from the locals 😉

  13. I hope you have a great time in El Salvador, Mike. Have fun, eat well, and stay well!

  14. Hi! I love your blog and have been reading it for a while now. Are you still living in ES? I’ve been living at the beach in Saly for about 3 years and am always looking for hidden treasures around the country. If you know of anything unusual/of interest to travellers or tourists, let me know. My website, Waves Tours Fiestas, covers all things travel in ES 🙂 http://www.wtf-elsalvador.com Maybe we’ll run into each other one day!

    • Hi Kelli, sorry for the delayed response, I didnt see any of these emails for comments in my inbox!! But I am not in El Salvador right now, we are back home in the States, working and saving for our planned return to El Salvador down the road. Wow, you have been in El Salvador for as long as I was. We could probably share a lot about our experiences, only I hardly spent time on the beach down there!! I’ll check out your site. Funny how you call it wtf, but it means something else, he he he!

  15. Hi, I’m a Salvadorean student living in El Salvador. I think this blog is very interesting. If there’s anything I can help with, you can contact me by e-mail

    • Julio, thanks for your email address, I can def contact you. Your English is great. We just came back from a short trip down there – I need to write some more posts! ( I removed your email address from the post so that you don’t get spammed, but I can access it myself from the comment link – a lot of comment spammers have come along in recent months to wordpress)

  16. I’m waiting for another post 🙂

  17. I’m a Salvadoran who moved to the US in 1998. I happened to find this blog and thought it was great. My girlfriend is a gringa as well, and she’s always asking about Salvadoran culture, so I’m sure she’ll enjoy this blog.

    Thank you. And let me know if you ever need help with any translations or clarification about any subject. 🙂

  18. Greetings.

    I love your blog and I’m expecting further posts. I hope we can be in contact again.


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