Jugo de piña – BEST cumbia song ever   Leave a comment

Jugo de Piña is a CLASSIC cumbia song.  It is a latino parallel to famous rock songs like Stairway to Heaven, and also one of the BEST pieces of Clarinet music you will ever hear.   Check it out with Youtube videos below.   The group is called “Los Vaskez,” their full name, “El Super Show de Los Vaskez”   Did they deliberately misspelled the last name for fun?   They were big in the 1980s.   Though it’s a Mexican group and not Salvadoran, I must pay tribute to them as they are listened to throughout El Salvador and played on the radio a lot.

Jugo de piña  as recorded on the LP /vinyl:  
( especially check it out starting from 1:40   )

A very good live version:  

This guy is phenomenal.    When I first heard this song, I couldn’t help but think of Jewish songs with clarinets in them.    Did Rafa ever get to meet great Jewish Clarinet players (and vice-versa)?

Here is a young aspiring group called the Aten Boys doing their version of the song  – look how YOUNG that kid playing is! 

For a look at famous Salvadoran Cumbia artists, go no further than Aniceto Molina, whose famous songs like El Peluquero have been resounding in El Salvador for decades:

Some of my other favorite Salvadoran Cumbia groups are Orquestra San Vicente, and Los Hermanos Flores.     Here’s a mosaic of Orquestra San Vicente songs and with photos of El Salvador:


Posted September 13, 2012 by El Salvador from the Inside in Living in El Salvador

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