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Dear Readers, I want to introduce you to a website called “Afflicted with Hope.”  It is a project that relays life stories of Salvadorans.   They are positive and beautiful, and I encourage you to visit their site; you will enjoy these biographies.

I will let these quotes from Caroline and Don tell more about their project.

“After returning from my initial trip to El Salvador, I allowed time to assimilate the Salvadoran experience and let my meandering thoughts that were percolating deep within me begin to take hold and gel into a plan.  The feeling that kept haunting me was to create an oral history project of some of the intriguing life stories people had shared with me in order to 1) preserve them for posterity and 2) raise the awareness within readers who would otherwise know nothing of these people.  I wanted these stories to be told in first person.” – Caroline J. Sheaffer

“It is our hope that the details of each life, forcefully and truthfully told, will allow you to see the spirit of the teller.  There is neither an attempt here to offer a prescription to the world you will see, nor a polemic to the unfairness that life can bring.  The world seen through the lens of the lives here told will painfully spell out resentments, negativity, pitfalls of bitterness, wounded pride and more.  Against this backdrop you will see lives that kept on growing in goodness, service, generosity, and love beyond belief.  In hearing these stories, I came to understand the saying “to be born Salvadoran is to be afflicted with hope.” – Pastor Emeritus Donald J. Seiple

Posted August 21, 2012 by El Salvador from the Inside in Living in El Salvador

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