The Worst Haircut, Ever   9 comments

Usually, I accompany posts with a picture.  Today I will leave it out – I cannot bear the shame.   Today I received the worst haircut of my life, ever.  Ok, I exaggerate.   It’s really the “second” worst haircut.  The very worst haircut I’ve ever gotten was this past December, also right here in El Salvador.    If you’re a guy, bad haircuts can grow out quick.  If you’re a woman, a bad haircut will follow you for months.   So I say this to all fellow women with hair:

WARNING:  If you are a woman in El Salvador and have hair SHORTER than shoulder length, do NOT go to an unknown hairdresser, EVER.   Easier just to grow your hair shoulder length or longer, and have them cut “the ends.”   Most hairdressers outsider of San Salvador have NO CLUE how to cut hair shorter than shoulder length, and even then it’s chancy.  My worst-ever haircut took place in “Las Cascadas” mall in the metro San Salvador area on he way to Santa Tecla. 

If you are a well-do-to woman with good connections or related to a good hairdresser, disregard this warning.  If you do not know a good hairdresser, learn from me vicariously.



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  1. Thanks for the warning! Although I’m sorry that you are speaking from firsthand experience. My husband and I are moving to El Salvador in a few weeks (he works for the U.S. government) and I have wondered about these seemingly mundane things like haircuts, cell phones, etc. (mundane compared to larger issues of housing/work/transportation/security). Anyway, I subscribed to your blog a few weeks ago and have enjoyed reading about life in El Salvador — and I’m looking forward to moving there!

    • I’m hoping my error helps someone! In the end you get what you pay for – the haircut was only $2, and I was not looking for a bargain – I would have paid much more for a better haircut. I impulsively walked into an ‘unknown’ hair salon. I am used to a basic standard of quality from the U.S. and forgot this ‘standard’ does not exist here for many things. The other thing is very few women have hair shorter than shoulder length here – especially in the country. Almost every woman wears their hair long, and one length, so hairdressers know one basic haircut: trim the ends. Definitely do not go to a salon without a referral.

      Good luck in El Salvador, by the way – I’m sure you will do well here. I stopped by your site and see you are learning Spanish – I think you’re dong great.

    • Natasha, good luck with everything and I hope you enjoy living in El Salvador. I think you should be ok if your husband has that job. I just mentioned to someone yesterday that I got a decent haircut at the Cascadas mall near Merliot in Santa Tecla once. So that is a “safe” hair salon – 2nd floor, cant remember name of it but i think there’s only one.

  2. HA! I was just considering getting a hair cut here as I didn’t get a chance the last time i went home to America. I’ll take this post as a well timed warning!

  3. You will have better luck with a major urban area – but if you go back home often enough, stick with the ones back there. I went to visit a friend who lives 20 min outside the city a couple days ago. I showed her my hair and told her how I explained to the first hairdresser how I wanted it cut, saying the word “bob” but with Spanish pronunciation. She knows what a bob is! The hairdresser out here did not.

  4. Hi
    just came across this blog and i am a hairdresser (german trained) but work here in the usa…..been to san salvador before a couple times and was wondering – since i have a friend there – what are my chances to land a job there for a couple month in the summer?
    anyone has any ideas – please enlighten me – i love my job and am very successful – yet always looking for a good challenge for me

    • Hi Britta, I like the idea – you may have to work ‘under the radar/table’ since it would take all summer to get a work VISA, so I would not bother – just try and get in with salons in one of the better areas that services expat clientele. With both English and German, I would think your skills are valuable. But before going down there, be prepared not to find work. I dont want to paint a rosy picture bc the truth is there are more people in El Salvador than than there are jobs, at least decent paying ones. And people, including expats, are accustomed to paying dirt cheap for services they’d pay a lot more for back home. Save up $ and prepare to live down there on that savings, if possible, and start making connections with your friend. Also, there is an expats FB group I can tell you about offline that can help you get connected.

  5. Hello,

    I am a tourist traveling through San Salvador, on a 6 months trip. I wanted to get my (short) hair cut here, but saw your warning. Which basically is what I was afraid for…. Is there by chance any hairdresser in San Salvador you can recommend by now? 🙂

    • Hi. I didnt see this soon enough – sorry, lots of spam here and in my email box! I got a decent haircut in the mall in Santa Tecla called Las Cascadas. Cant remember name of hairdressing shop but it was on the 2nd floor. They gave me a decent haircut. So look for them there. It’s the mall right next to Merliot.

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