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Here is the English version of the  post written for Spanish Friday yesterday, so you can all read it easier.   It contains significantly less grammatical errors in English 😉 !!

For days now, Carmen had her “backpack” ready to bring to the hospital with all her necessities while being there, and there we were, getting her read for the big moment.

The good thing is it was not so rushed;  though she felt pains, they were not yet so strong.  We arrived on time.  They directed Carmen to an examination room.  The doctor checked and told her it looks like she will start to go into labor in the middle of the night.  “Hmmm,” I said to her, “that’s still many hours away.”  (it was only two in the afternoon when the doctor said this).

While waiting, a nurse brought me to the information desk at the front of the hospital to get the visiting cards.  They give two cards to each family.  After, they made me sign a paper to be a witness for her.  The moment to bring her to the delivery room arrived.  A worker in the hospital walked with us and when we got to the door he said to me, “Only up to here. You cannot go into the delivery room.”  I gave Carmen a hug and said, “Good luck!”

There were two men in front of the delivery room.  One of them, the poor dear, told me that he had been in the Hospital for three days waiting for his wife to have their baby, and he slept on benches inside the hospital, and only left once.  The trip is more than an hour each way, by bus, and even though he cannot be in the delivery room, it looks like he does not want to miss being there the moment the baby is born.  What a good husband.  He asked me, “Is this her first?” “Yes,” I told him, it’s the first baby she’s going to have.  Mine, too, he said.

Wednesday:  We called the hospital the next day, and they told me to call back again after 1pm.  I spoke with them again, and they told me that she already had the baby and was in recovery.  My sister in law and I went to the hospital for the second visiting hour, at 4pm.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t see Carmen.  They performed a c-section on her, and she was not ready to have a visit.

I stole this picture of her. Sorry Carmen, I couldn’t resist.

Thursday:  I went to the hospital again, but alone.  My sister in law couldn’t go because she was sick.  When I arrived in the recovery area for new mothers, I saw Carmen asleep with her new baby.    Carmen was in a big room with give other women, all waiting to give birth.  Almost all were very close, except for one woman who was two months pregnant and couldn’t eat without getting sick.   I noticed a beautiful moment while there.  One woman’s parents were visiting her.  The young woman had just bathed, and her mother was combing her hair – she had beautiful hair.  Us Americans are so independent you almost never see things like mothers coming their adult daughter’s hair.  It was not bad to see.  It was very caring and affectionate and I liked it.  There was a plate of food on the table near Carmen’s bed.  The other women said to me, tell her to eat that food, the milk has to “come down.”  I did this, but Carmen did not want to eat much.  She was tired, very unlike herself, and looked drugged.  I felt it was a shame knowing they had cut her open like that, so young (only 16 years old) that she is.

Well, Carmen explained the story of her birth to me.  Like the doctor said on Tuesday, Carmen started to give birth around one in the morning.  But they did not attend to her, she told me, and she only had a nurse with her during those hours.  She told me she pushed a lot, but the baby didn’t ‘come down.’  There were two doctors, one that wanted to do the birth by c-section, and the other who didn’t.  The one who didn’t want the c-section tried to help by pushing the baby down with Carmen, but he couldn’t her her.  In the end, Carmen told me, they gave her the c-section at 4 in the afternoon.  How strange, I thought, because when I spoke with someone at the hospital after two in the afternoon, they told me that she already had the baby.  Maybe they had already decided to give her the c-section.

Anyway, now the mother and her new baby, “Andy”, were well.  We moved to another room after, where there were five other women with newborns.  I stayed there awhile longer, fascinated with this tiny baby.  The good thing is he looks content.  Carmen tells me he has grey eyes, but I couldn’t see them – he never opened them while I was there.  I think Andy is not going to be a “cryer,” he did not cry much in that hour and a half that I spent with them.

Friday we are going to bring Carmen and Andy home.

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