Why Meat in El Salvador sucks   5 comments

My husband and I were eating a steak he prepared yesterday.  It was spiced very well and had sauteed onions. But the meat was so tough it didn’t break down with chewing.  So we talked about it, and I said “I have a theory.  They don’t have a lot of free land here, so maybe the meat we eat is really old dairy cattle that are too old to produce milk, so they kill them and this is what we eat.”  “That’s not theory, Jenny, that’s reality.”

Then I asked my friend Pohl today what he thinks.  He thinks they just aren’t fed well, and said didn’t I notice how skinny they are?   I agreed that most are rather skinny.   Either way, if you want good meat in El Salvador you probably want to buy imported meat.  Go to a meat shop in downtown San Salvador in one of the snooty neighborhoods and find the best butcher.   I’ve never been inside one of them, but I know someone somewhere in El Salvador must be insisting upon the best cuts of meat, so if you’re a tried and true meat lover, you will find it.

As for us, we’ll stick with chicken and pork, just as tender here as back home.


5 responses to “Why Meat in El Salvador sucks

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  1. The chicken tastes better there than in the states. Be careful about the pork. Some pretty nasty amoebas can live in the pork there because of the lack of refrigeration. Eggs are better there too.

    • Hi Jonathan – thank you for the pork warning! This is now the 2nd time I’ve heard something on that – I met a woman on the flight to El Salvador who told me her sister became infected with an organism (10 yrs ago) in pork and it permanently affected her heath! Big bummer, bc I like to eat pork and I hate ‘overcooking’ it but best off eating dry chops than becoming disabled, right? Nice to see you visiting my site again Jonathan, stay well.

  2. I used to love the meat in Guatemala. When I returned to the States, I became a vegetarian because I started having digestive issues that went away when I stopped eating meat. I chalked it up to all the junk injected into the meat here in the US that never made it into all the skinny cows in Guatemala.

  3. Nice to hear a good vote on the meat in Guatemala. Good for you on vegetarianism in the U.S. I saw Food, Inc. a couple years ago, was very revealing.

  4. Just out of curiosity, has anyone come across people eating horse over here? I’ve heard stories about the food chain “Panchos” shutting down in the USA for that sort of thing. Do people here do that or are horses here considered inedible? (I personally have never seen or been offered horse, but was curious.)

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