Random vegetables growing at our house   1 comment

If I was awe-struck at the plants and flowers in Los Planes, I am now just as amazed at the random vegetables growing AT our house here in Chalatenango.

These are plants that may have been seeded some years back by someone who wanted vegetables, or just randomly by someone eating a fruit or veggie and discarding the seeds.   We didn’t deliberately plant these this year, and no one else did.  I do remember pepinos were here last year, while my husband did construction, and passersby would grab them and bring them home.

String Beans from Black Bean seed in front of our house:

Basil growing right in front of the string beans:

Watermelon on the other side of the house:

Pipiane plant, veggie, and large veggies.  These suckers are almost doubling in size every day.  And so delicious, melt in your mouth like butter and no ‘old veggie’ aftertaste.  Deee-licious.

And last but not least, lest we forget, the “Milpa,” or cornfield which my brother-in-law Yito had planted everywhere, including up to two feet from our house, the nut!

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  1. Nothing like a nice bowl of soup with string beans and pipian–yummy!

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