Rock you like a Hurricaine   2 comments

We had a storm last night – INSIDE of the kitchen!   I was the only one in the house, but thankfully the dog was with me, so she shared in the excitement.  It was getting dark on the walk home from the in-laws, but we expect it to rain at night anyway as its rainy season.  I begin cooking the meatball recipe Id planned on, and the wind starts picking up.  And it really picked up.  So I shut the kitchen door, which opens up onto the patio area.  There’s an opening at the top of the wall about 4-6 inches wide along the length of the whole wall for ventilation, and so I could really “feel” the storm building outside. By the time I’d started on the sauce, stray leaves were falling in the kitchen like a blustery autumn day.  I had to quickly cover the pots when loose cement crumbs high up the walls from the  construction began falling onto the stove.  Meanwhile, as it was raining sideways the kitchen started to get really WET.  I opened the door onto the patio to check out what was up with the dog, and saw no sign of her, but the entire patio/corredor was soaking wet when it is normally dry as it’s covered.  I ran to the sala/family room/sleeping area to see if she was in the house.  I found her there under the bed, and terrified.  The rain had also been pelting so hard sideways that a stream of water began entering the MAIN part of the house underneath the door.  Whoa!  Quick, yank out all the suitcases from under the bed, and the two cardboard boxes now in the  middle of the shallow “stream” being created.  Onto the back patio, I’m sweeping the water away and thinking woops, poor design and how can we re-think/do the cement on this back patio, huh?   That done, and back into the kitchen, where our little dog “Sausage” was happy to keep me company. I’m sure glad the sauce was done by then because now the lights went out (they go out a lot in this remote Northern Chalatenango part of El Salvador), and I only had to worry about cooking the noodles in candlelight.  It all turned out well, Sausage loved the meatballs, and we had a great meal together.   This morning we swept up the aftermath, stray leaves and branches strewn everywhere.  My brother in-law Yito’s “milpa” has a lot of flopped cornstalks, but other than that, it’s all good.

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  1. I could have written to you sooner as well. I don’t remember how long ago I came across your blog and I’ve enjoyed your sharing similar experiences that I’ve had acclimating to this very different environment. It’s 2:30 and threatening. I thought I’d go for a jog while my wife and kids are up at the mother-in-law’s. But the nasty weather report makes me think I’d better keep our dog, Duque, company.

    • Kountry – that’s great you go jogging here. that’s another thing that is so rarely seen. When the notice came in my email box that you’d stopped by my blog, I was in over my head at a new job, so it literally ended up at the bottom of the email box, and months later I just re-read it. I started working at Habitat for Humanity the Monday that Storm 12-E began in October, and it was run-run-run from there, we went into “storm donations mode” until Christmas. With all the hoopla about the weather, it looked threatening here, too, rained a few drops (pringitas) and then poof! No rain yet.

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