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Today we are moving from the lovely home we have been staying in for nearly two years in Los Planes de Renderos, but we’re not leaving El Salvador (yet).  ( If I don’t answer a comment or email, it’s because I’m still offline!)  We are “leaving the enchanted forest”, but moving on to green pastures.   My husband worked over a year part time to fix up a small adobe house his grandfather used to live in, in Chalatenango, and that’s where we’re moving to. *  The house there is “way in the country” and sits on  a hill, with gorgeous views.  On the front porch we see the hills overlooking the neighborhood, and out back we have a view of , literally, cow pastures, and behind that, hills and ridges.

I have made many friends in this neighborhood and will miss them.  I met them on walks with my doggie, or on errands for Pilsener or tortillas.   A week ago some of us got teary eyed during one of my last visits, knowing I wont be just down the street anymore.

This neighborhood and community literally feel enchanted,  with a very different climate and lifestyle compared to other parts of El Salvador or even the city.  It is cooler than most parts of the country, abundant with flowers ( you can almost hear “Hello and Welcome to Flower World!” with the man who does the voice over from ‘moviefone’), and has a small-town feel about it.  Clouds/fog that roll in every afternoon around 4pm are just one of the special perks we’ve enjoyed while here.

Below are a few shots of the house taken this morning, just hours before parting:

this house has stairs everywhere

View from my ‘perch’ at the table on the patio

I could watch the birds from the patio, which looks out onto this tree, 9 feet below the patio level, perfect for watching feathered friends.

The left corner of this pictures shows where I would talk over the fence with my neighbor Sabas, or his stepdaughter Elisa, where that heliconia flower is. Our house and our neighbors’ are a perfect example of the contrasts existing in El Salvador; our house with its labyrinth of staircases and almost too-big yard, and our neigbhbors next door, living in a casa de lamina (sheetmetal house).

* The adobe house is a “one-room house” style often seen here, and he built a separate standing kitchen, also of adobe, next to it, and built two long porches running the length of the house in front and in back.  Souped up the walls with cement and a smooth stucco finish, and voila!  Home sweet home.  Yes, at least two or three blogs are long overdue with pics on the adobe house construction.

5 responses to “Moving Day

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  1. construction, remodeling, diy, and more house posts!!!! I LOVE that sort of stuff. I can’t wait to see your other house in Chalate, maybe you can do a video tour

  2. Would you post some pictures of the view that you get from your new house

  3. So do you have running water and electricity being way out in the country???

    • Yes, we have both. The water runs every other day and that’s when we fill up the pila, jugs, etc. Electricity is good, but more interruptions here than closer to the city that’s for sure. Nice to hear from you, Kathy.

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