Fishing with an Atarraya / Pescando con un Atarraya – El Salvador   Leave a comment

My husband wanted to show me how you fish with a net, which is called an “atarraya” in Spanish.  Although it’s not quite rainy season yet, the Metayate river in Chalatenango always has a few fish, even if they are small.   So, we went to the river, and my husband started throwing the net.

After each toss of the net he would toss me his catch, usually a handful of very small fish.

He would walk upstream several feet after each throw, because the fish run way from the net, he said.  In one of the net tosses, Jesus caught a four-eyed fish, an interesting creature.  From a distance the fish appears to have two eyes, but looking closer, you can see each eye has two different pupils.  Reading on the ‘net I learned that the “eyes,” or pupils above the surface, are designed for ‘terrestrial’ use, and the pupils below the water are designed to handle light and environment beneath the water’s surface.  We may think of this fish as a primitive creature, but it can mentally process two different sets of images simultaneously.  How many humans you know who can do that?   Observe nature, its complexities, and gain humility.

Here is Mr. Four Eyes,  in this video:

And a fun “blooper” video I saved, my husband pirouetting with the net:


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