My last purchase from Margarita   2 comments

The Flor de Izote I bought from Margarita was my last purchase from her.  For almost two years now, I’ve bought veggies, cheese, cream, and all sorts of foods from her as she makes her rounds in our neighborhood, toting her goods in the guacal on her head.   I don’t always need what she sells me, but I’m happy to help keep her in business, and admire the courage it takes to walk from door to door selling the way she does.  And always with a smile, and a laugh, she was a bright spot in my week on the days she came by.  I will miss Margarita, so took these pictures of her to remember her.

The white flowers in this guacal (bucket) are what I bought from her that day, and cooked them.


2 responses to “My last purchase from Margarita

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  1. And when I move from here in about 6 months … I will miss our Diario man … you always here him as he approaches the house … oh. And the pan dulce woman and her two children … oh … and the cheese lady (we safeguard extra guacals of cheese till she needs them!) … oh .. and the tamale lady. And can’t forget the empanada lady. Heck. Who needs grocery stores??

    • Oh I am sad for you that you are leaving, Kathy. Somehow I thought you were here permanently! Yes it’s amazing how one gets attached to the vendors, but it is so much more personal and you get to know them after awhile.

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