2nd day of Rainy Season in El Salvador, whoopeeee!   1 comment

I don’t know where else it’s raining in El Salvador today, but it’s rained good for the second day in a row, and some of us have been real excited about bringing it on.   Just as we were sick and tired of the sop sop drip wet last year, the constant dry, dry, dry, has been getting old.   Dust layers everything, and the once green hills turn a sad brown.
Though this is a tropical climate, some trees are not evergreen so drop their leaves and go dormant for awhile like in a Northern climate – but usually not as long.  We’re less affected by dry-ness at the higher altitude where we live, but in many areas of El Salvador dry season is like a long, hot “winter” — things drying up or looking dead, lying in wait for the rains to return.

The izotes and mangos could care less there is no water, they fare well during dry season, and shine on.  The ones in this picture here do well also, they hardly need water.  But kiss your impatiens goodbye without daily watering. Our poor lawn was toast.  Now we get to live in a green world again, dotted everywhere with flowers and butterflies and spiders like an impressionist painting.

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One response to “2nd day of Rainy Season in El Salvador, whoopeeee!

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  1. El Salvador is a great country

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