Why its good to have a DOG in El Salvador   Leave a comment

Fer-o-cious doggy. Watch out would-be-thieves, she'll rip the back pocket of your jeans right off!

Ok, so it finally happened.  Something baaad happened to us in our neighborhood.  But fortunately, it was a not-so-bad kinda bad thing.   We got robbed of a few of our possessions, valued at probably $75.  Ok, hubby left the toolbox, drill, and a bucket with tools in plain view, in the garage where everyone can see them through the fence.  So…sometime between Thursday afternoon and Sunday morning, we didn’t notice until today, someone made off with the box, drill, and a couple extension cords.  My husband found “pistas” (evidence) of where they climbed in at the corner of the garage, using pieces of the rebar for footholds and climbed over the barbed wire (if it were razor wire, oh, not sure they would have dared it).  Ok, well, lesson learned.  Husband was very sore about it, but I reminded him that we did invite temptation by leaving those things in plain view, and it could have been a LOT worse.  It was a reminder to count our blessings they didnt make off with the car, or break into the lower part of the house while were were in it, and other blessings, like how we’re not poor and stuck living in El Salvador forever like many people here with no other recourse – where a robbery would be so much more painful, right?    Didn’t quite lift his spirits, but I tried.

Which brings me to my point.  Even though we have just a tiny little chiweeny, if she were here instead of my mother in law’s house, her bark would have scared them off because it’s an instant alarm system.  And that’s why so many people in El Salvador have a dog.  My friend and I are joking right now, imagining this little doggy, ferocious thing, hanging by her teeth off the back of one of the perp’s jeans, while he tries to make off with some of the loot.  And she would do that, too.


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