Feliz Semana Santa – Happy Holy Week in El Salvador   Leave a comment

Let the festivities begin!

Some Salvadorans were lucky enough to start their vacation earlier this week, but by Thursday morning most of El Salvador is not working and spending their time between religious festivities and celebrating Semana Santa at the beach, water parks, or relaxing with family and friends.

This week is one of two big “vacation weeks” here in El Salvador, and marks the end of summer, much like how Labor Day weekend does back home, but with serious religious overtones.  Today in downtown San Salvador they had the procession of the  flagellation of Christ.

Thursday at midnight the carpet “weavers” will began making the salt carpets throughout downtown San Salvador, major cities and towns, and even here in Los Planes.  People will walk through morning and evening processions of viascruzes (way of the cross), on Viernes Santo (Good Friday), and continue celebrating over the weekend through Easter.  Happy Easter to all of you freezing your butts up North, we’re having a great time in sunny summer El Salvador, wahoo!


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