San Pedro Nanualco and Coyoles   2 comments

We went on a trip to San Pedro Nanualco, where my brother-in-law and his family live, last June, and I thought I’d share the visit with you after running into the pictures again.  The star of this visit is my niece Doris.  While my husband worked with some men to cut lumber for the house we have been fixing, Doris and my nephew Edwin kept me company.

We went down to the creek to explore.   First thing we saw, which fascinated me the most, the Salvadoran bug lover that I’ve become, was a swam of dragonflies, presumably mating, based on how they’ve positioned themselves.  The bugs on top have different coloring than the ones on the bottom.  There were upwards of 20 at one point all buzzing around together.  << Click to Enlarge to see for yourself >>

Then we walked around the bend of the creek and Doris went and pulled something out of a tree.   These are COYOLES, a type of fruit thing, that resembles a coconut in flavor.  Doris explained that you can eat them at various stages, and when they get older and riper, they grow harder, and people often just eat the sweet nectar around them.  These were earlier stage coyoles, so the flesh was still soft enough for us to eat them.

It’s as easy as one, two, three.  Take the coyoles out of the palm tree, crack one open with a rock, and eat.   Here’s Doris and Edwin at the creek while we snacked on coyoles.

Not only is my niece one of the most well mannered in my family, she’s also a tough tomboy, able to manage her little brother and heave him up and down over fallen trees on a steep walkway, and cut down coyoles and all sorts of fruits in the forest nearby.

Here she is, hauling coyoles out of the tree.

Yanking Coyoles down from the tree

Now examining the loot

All of 12 years old, Doris is a pretty tough girl.  And now for the best photo – check out that machete she’s cutting the Mamey with!


Posted January 8, 2012 by El Salvador from the Inside in Living in El Salvador

2 responses to “San Pedro Nanualco and Coyoles

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  1. Great pics! She looks like a beautiful and tough little girl!

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