Jicama – the real pomme de terre   2 comments

Bite into a potato.  Now bite into a Jicama.

You’ll see for yourself, which one is the real “pomme de terre”.    They are bland in flavor with a slightly sweet taste, and a texture similar to crunchy apple.   Brought to you by El Salvador.  It’s Jicama season.   Buy one, try one, enjoy yourself.

I had no idea how to prepare this thing, but ate it once in a salad at a restaurant.  No cooking needed.  Just peel and eat.   I squeezed lime, and dashed hot sauce into a bowl to “marinate” them a bit.  Then took them out and sprinkled “alguashte” over them.    Pretty good.

2 responses to “Jicama – the real pomme de terre

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  1. After your visit I decided to try some and we bought a bag from a canasta lady walking past the house. You got the flavor and texture down perfectly. Not bad, but definitely not something that I will be craving.

  2. Yeah, it’s not something you want to eat by itself – too bland. Best when “flavored” with something to enhance it. Ah, but something interesting just occurred to me when looking at a jicama salad recipe just now. What about preparing COLESLAW with jicama? That could be really tasty, ok, doing a google search while I write this…and… I just found a coleslaw recipe with jicama on Food Network – cool! http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/bobby-flay/jicama-slaw-recipe/index.html, and this one on better homes and gardens looks even better: http://www.bhg.com/recipe/sauces/jicama-coleslaw/. Now that I will have to try some day.

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