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Please pass on this broadcast about the flooding storm 12E has caused.

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A massive 10 day storm caused devastating flooding and mudslides in El Salvador and Central America in October 2011.  Tropical Depression 12E dumped 5 feet of rain in some areas.

Amazingly, we saw almost no coverage in North American press.

PICTURES:    La Prensa Gráfica – Photos of the Flood Damage

  • More rainfall than Hurricane Mitch (1998). Exceeds levels in past 50 years
  • 35 people killed (105+ total in Central America)
  • 55,000 evacuated to shelters and > 300,000 people affected
  • 20,000 homes flooded.  40% or more of crops lost
  • 10% of El Salvador flooded.  Over 10,000 wells contaminated.


HOW CAN YOU HELP?   Organizations with solid reputation




gringainelsalvador and concerned U.S. citizens in El Salvador


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