Too Funny – 2011 initation of dollar gold coin in El Salvador, explained   4 comments

Well that explains the recent injection of dollar coins into the Salvadoran currency:

They don’t want em’ up north!

We’re happy to take lots of used and unwanted goods off our brother’s hands from up north, and this is another example.  Maybe the gold-colored coin will be better loved here.


Posted October 25, 2011 by El Salvador from the Inside in Living in El Salvador

4 responses to “Too Funny – 2011 initation of dollar gold coin in El Salvador, explained

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  1. They use em in Vegas, there are plenty of Slot machines that still use and Payout with these type of Coins.

  2. Why doesn’t this surprise me? Funny a lot of the smaller tiendas don’t trust them and won’t accept them yet. And of course I have already encountered a genius who rubbed some shoe polish on an old colon and tried to pass it off as a dollar coin. But I think they are an improvement on the paper dollars which if they have a small rip also will not be accepted by many tiendas. And since we are on the subject of money, has anyone else noticed that a lot of stores don’t take pennies?

  3. I’ve definitely noticed a lot of dollar coins here in Berlin. The kids at school think they’re cool and are always showing them to me. And now that you mention it, I can’t remember the last time I used a penny in a store. I have five in my wallet but no idea where they came from.

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