A Typical Day in Chalatenango, El Salvador   Leave a comment

This was a diary entry from March 30, 2010 when I was living out in the country with my husband and the in-laws.   Much has changed since then, as we now live 20 minutes to the south of San Salvador on our own, in what I would practically call the Enchanted Forest.  I thought I would share a typical day living in the country, as average Salvadorans in the country do.


AM – dishes, dishes, breakfast sandwiches for Jesus, Plantains for  me.

Garbage cleanup, raked garbage further down the ‘cerca’ (yard) to get it out of eyesight.

Chickens and water.  Gave pollos (chickens) fresher cleaner water and refilled the tub outside their cage for the wanderers.  More water for the pollitos (chickadees) above, and done.

AM, later – cleaned the last cloth chair.  The cloth dining room style chairs that sit outside on the patio where the family eats, get filled with dust and other gunk over time.  I am unsure if they’ve ever gotten the ‘deep cleaning’ they deserve.  So today I cleaned the fourth and final of these chairs.  Resting it tilted down, I poured water over it, and squeegeed it out with my hand, over and over again until the mud-colored water was almost clear.  Washed the flower pattern seat-cover fashioned by Jesus’ mother and put it back on 3 hours later when the seat cushion was dry [the sun is really hot here].

PM – washed 22 pairs of underwear, a T-shirt, and a pair of jeans by hand.  Hung to dry.

Swept inside the house

Now that I bought my jazzy new Ginas (name here for flip-flop type shoes), I prefer to use the older ones for chicken duty.  So I sewed the one failing flip flop together with needle and thread [yeah, that crazy, but the store’s far away] to save the jazzies from chicken crud.

By 3:30 or so, I was finally “done” with all my chores.  amazing how the day fills with just cleaning and washing!

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