Multi-Colored aqua and yellow Leaf-hopper El Salvador   3 comments

Moments after I see a passion vine hopper nymph (curious insect with a fluffy white tail), on the same plant I spot a multi-colored leaf-hopper.   I’d seen small green leaf-hoppers in the past.   They have a funny v-shaped physique, with the bulk of their body at their head and shoulders, narrowing out smaller part towards their tail.  They hop off of you when you touch them.

So this leaf hopper was a “tropical colored” one.  And about 2-3 times larger than your typical small, green, northern north american leaf hopper, I’d say 3/4 of an inch long.

The pictures don’t do him as much justice as seeing him live in person.  The greyish-blue areas seen in the pictures were more of a blue-green aqua color, and you can see the yellow of course.  He also sported a reddish color, in the middle of his back, in between the two wings.   CLICK the pic to ENLARGE.    This guy is just g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s.

3 responses to “Multi-Colored aqua and yellow Leaf-hopper El Salvador

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  1. I live in Central Florida, USA and recently spotted this same multicolored aqua/yellow bug on a Plumeria leaf. I was able to take a photograph of it and posted it to FB page asking for help in identification. A friend of mine, Richard Cervi, shared this link with me to help identify it as a leaf hopper. I still don’t know the genus or species but it is one of the prettiest bugs I have ever seen!

    Melissa Ferguson
    • hey, I’m glad you saw it too. the pictures I took do not do it enough justice, it was much more brightly colored in person. How funny that your friend was able to find my bug on this blog and send it to you. One bug I have not seen here yet which I remember from Florida are very large and pretty spiders that spin giant webs, I remember some that I think were yellow, and had long elegant legs. Only the big ‘horse spider’ which is a type of tarantula.

      • The spider you are talking about is called a Garden Spider they are bright yellow and black and quite large! They spin a beautiful web with a stitch pattern in the middle, if you are lucky enough to find one around your home keep an eye on it its amazing to watch. They will change areas around your home until they find a place that is safe for them to nest their egg sac. The sac is grey and egg shaped and flares out at the top.

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