Fluffy Tail insect looks just like a seed – with legs!   7 comments

Ok, I am an insect gweeb – who knew?   After years of yardless urban living in New England, now that I have a yard/garden, and in El Salvador to boot, I’ve become fascinated with “critters”.  I was sitting at the patio yesterday, and decided to check in on the chile plant.  We planted several types, in hopes of some seeds germinating – Chile Anaheim, Guaco, Chile de Arbol, Ciruela, and this one sprouted – we’re not sure which yet, but I’m thinking Anaheim.While examining the plant, I saw a seed clinging to the chile.   And then it moved.   Hey, that fluffy stuff is attached to… what??No, it’s not a seed, it’s… an insect!   With a fluffy butt.

( Click Pics to see LARGE images..)

After some research, it appears this little guy is a  Passion Vine Hopper Nymph.   I don’t think he’s a woolly aphid.

7 responses to “Fluffy Tail insect looks just like a seed – with legs!

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  1. It has red eyes

  2. Wow. That’s a truly groovy insect.

  3. I love all your insect blogs!! There are so many cool insects in El Salvador!

  4. These live in Virginia Beach, VA, too!! We found one in my kitchen & when I tried to catch it, it jumped on me. We took it outside & let it go. But have Never seen one before which prompted our internet search…. subsequently leading us here! Good to know it’s harmless,

    • Hey how about that, you found my pics, and all the way from VA to El Salvador, who knows where else these cute little guy lives, huh? I cant tell you how much fun I have had with the bugs in El Salvador. Yes, this little fluffer is probably quite harmless. Its the very colorful caterpillars you want to stay away from – look but don’t touch!

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