Hair Cut at the Grocery and fresh brewed Coffee from a Backpack   Leave a comment

I’d like to share with you two funny and odd sights I saw today, within 30 minutes of each other.

Coffeewalkers & backpacks here look like the guy on the left

On our way into the grocery store parking lot in San Jacinto, a “coffee walker” crossed the street in front of us.  Usually selling Nescafe brand, coffeewalkers are ambulatory vendors who carry your favorite morning beverage and its accoutrements strapped to them in a square-shaped backpack.  I had not seen this before coming to El Salvador, and it’s a curious site the first time you see it.  Coffeewalkers, or ambulatory coffee vendors, are also often seen in the “colonia medica” where I bought a cup of fresh brewed there once.

After we’d bagged the grocery loot, and were walking out the door, quite literally AT the door – there was a woman sitting in a barbershop stool getting her recently cut hair blown out.  There is no separate room or even a partition – the hairdressers and clients are sitting right there in the open, in the exit area of the grocery store, just outside of the path of exiting customers.  Super Selectos has improvised a small hair salon right at the exit of the store.  It’s hysterical!  I have seen up to two clients attended to at a time, recalling a woman getting makeup put on in the “salon” on a recent grocery trip.

I’m sorry I don’t have pictures, but I hope you can imagine it.   The stuff you see here sometimes is such a hoot!

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