Semana Santa Leftovers in El Salvador   2 comments

An effigy of Judas hangs from a tree like a lynched man, while schoolchildren play in the background.

These 2011 Semana Santa (Holy Week) leftovers were still hanging the Wednesday after Holy Week ended.  I couldn’t resist taking shots as I drove by.   A Semana Santa tradition in El Salvador that seems mischievous at the same time it’s religious is the tradition of hanging (ahorcando) Judas.  This is a re-enactment of what Judas actually did to himself, after he told the chief priests he had betrayed Jesus.  In many parts of Latin America, people will even burn a life-size rendition of Judas.  In El Salvador this takes place the Saturday (Sabado de Gloria) before Holy Week weeks ends on Easter, also known here as Santo Domingo.

Until I had met my husband,
I never heard of such a thing;
the U.S. tends to be much more
subdued in its religious
celebrations.The first Judas in red was
seen at a major crossroads
in Metayate, El Salvador.

Judas in yellow, down the road
near Amayo, in the
municipality of La Reina.

CLICK a pic to enlarge:

like I said: rather mischievous - underwear on the outside of his pants

Judas hangs on the tree in front of the schoolyard, like a lynched man

2 responses to “Semana Santa Leftovers in El Salvador

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  1. This is unusual. For some reason it reminds me of Black Pete in the Netherlands. Black Pete is a companion of Santa in the Netherlands. People go around in black face to look like Black Pete. My friend who lived there said some people hung Black Petes up around town and it was reminiscent of nooses and slavery in the US. Yikes!

    Alisha Lundberg
    • My mom is originally from Holland, so I’m going to ask her about black Peter. I never knew this story myself, how bizarre. I only know about the powdery fefferneuson (sp?) cookies that Saint Nick throws at the kids when he passes by.

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