Holy Week carpets in El Salvador / Alfombras de Semana Santa en el Salvador   5 comments

Can you say COOL?

The carpets / alfombras of Semana Santa (Holy Week) seen in El Salvador and Latin America are a wonderful creative expression of spirituality.   The carpets are made of pigment colored salt or sawdust and are  ‘painted’ by teams of people who start working on them as early as midnight on Good Friday.   The photos speak for themselves.  Photos below were taken the morning of Good Friday in Los Planes de Renderos, San Salvador, El Salvador.  Unlike other places, where the carpets get wiped away by the religious processions of Good Friday (Viernes Santo), these are marked off with cones or tape and people walk around instead of on them, so they last through both the morning and evening processions, on display for at least 12 hours.

>> CLICK on any picture to enlarge <<

A picture of Christ – all in Salt!

The craftsman checks his work

Texture and dimension
…see the detail in Christ’s hand

Largest alfombra we saw

LEFT detail.

MIDDLE detail

Detail, RIGHT

The carpet quotes Luke 9:35   In Spanish:
Camino, Neocatecumenal….”Este es mi hijo, el [mi] elegido, escuchadle” La transfiguracion Lucas 9, 35


My favorite alfombra,
depicting Jesus and Romero

Romero is a modern day Jesus
for the Salvadoran people.

I love the detail, colors,
and cursive writing



It all starts with a drawing

And patience

Careful craftsmanship

Tinted hands

Close up look at the salt

Not all are religious pictures.

As I wrote this I realized boy did we get lucky.  A few sprinkles fell from the sky mid-day on Good Friday, but stopped, sparing the artwork so painstakingly created.  Saturday, just a day later – the sky belched out a POURING rain for two or more hours in the afternoon.

A couple links to other sites showing Good Friday carpets here:

Carpets in Antigua, by Shannon O’Donnell.

Carpets in El Salvador from 2008, by Hunnapuh.

History of Holy Week carpets – three theories.

5 responses to “Holy Week carpets in El Salvador / Alfombras de Semana Santa en el Salvador

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  1. Thanks for the mention- beautiful carpets this year…wish I could have been there to experience it again this year! 🙂

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