Stop Crying about Gas Prices – it’s $4.50 here   2 comments

According to Doug Short at the Wall Street Cheat sheet on April 12, 2011,

Gas Prices Spring Higher Toward $4 Per Gallon in April

Gas has been over $4 a gallon for at least 3 weeks in El Salvador.  We filled up at 4.19 a couple weeks ago, then it rose to 4.22…and 4.25…. and yesterday my husband put $20 of gas in at 4.35 a gallon.  Next week is “Semana Santa”  (Holy Week), so no matter what the price per barrel, gas will jack up like it does in the U.S. during summer travel weeks.  According to an April 11, 2011 article on the price of combustibles at,

A gallon in central & western areas will be $4.45 and in the East will cost $4.49.

Gas prices over $4 a gallon are painful but still “manageable” on an American salary in comparison to here, when you note that:    the average person in El Salvador makes between 1/8 and 1/4 what American makes for the same job.

So STOP CRYING already and be happy you’re not paying more!!

Mind you, g

2 responses to “Stop Crying about Gas Prices – it’s $4.50 here

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  1. Oh my god! That is ridiculous,I had no idea it’s so expensive over there. Over here in Britain petrol is around £1.20 still.

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