How to Power a 220V Tool without an Outlet   2 comments

We see new things every day in El Salvador.   Today’s lesson was on how to connect powerful 220v (volt) tools without using an outlet!    This “How To” is for HUMOR ONLY so please DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!!!

A welding/soldering team came by and cut a piece out of the large metal garage door (“puerton”).  They fashioned a smaller door out of it, and needed power to weld it into the main door.   Our house isn’t outfitted with a 220v outlet, but even if it were they would not have used it.   The “jefe” asked ‘Where is the electrical box?’    When he took the entire FACE off the box, I began unplugging things in the house, quickly.

Here is the pictorial:

Connect 220v tool without an electric outlet - welding machine

1. Bring machine to job

Extra Long cord for welding machine

2. Have extra long cord attached

3. Remove face of electric panel

How to connect 220v power tool to live electric panel

4. Connect exposed part of each metal wire to one of the two openings available in the live electric panel

This is all tongue-in-cheek here folks, so again, DO NOT try this at home!     Oh, one more tricky detail – there is NO main cut-off switch in or to the service box – all wire connects/disconnects happened l-i-v-e.

Apparently this practice is common for welders throughout El Salvador. The gentleman who worked on the Puerton (large gate/door) at my in-laws house in Chalatenango did an interesting variation: he scaled the utility pole and connected wires from his welding machine directly to the live wires on it!

Life is exciting in very odd ways here. These crazy risk-taking welders are up there with extreme skiers in my book.

2 responses to “How to Power a 220V Tool without an Outlet

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  1. where you think chicharron comes from?

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