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Song of the Cicada (Chicharra, Cigarra – El Salvador)   2 comments

Cicadas* are singing in Los Planes de Renderos.  Depending in which ‘microclimate’ you live, you can hear these or other ‘singing bugs’ certain times of the year.   They were singing when we returned from Chalatenango a few days ago, and have continued their evening and morning song since.

Photo by Claudia Zelayandia on Flickr.

* commonly called “Chicharra” or “Cigarra” in El Salvador

Poor little Tacuazin   1 comment

For months now I’ve heard the name “Tacuazin” (tah-kwah-seen) mentioned plenty of times, but never saw one.  I figured it was a weasel from the way it was described, but alas, it’s simply an opossum.  And apparently, El Salvador is full of so many they are considered a pest or a nuisance, much like raccoons back home.

Photo by Rafael Menjivar Ochoa

I alerted my husband and ran back to the kitchen with him.  Here, he says, and hands me the “Corba,” a type of machete.  My face turned into a question mark.   I found the little guy behind the fridge and tried to “shush” him out the kitchen, while my husband yelled from behind “kill him!” in Spanish.  “Nooooo!”  I replied.  The tacuazin started making its way out of the kitchen, but not fast enough.  My husband grabbed the broom and I screamed “Don’t kill him!”   BAM!   I let out a yelp and dashed to other side of the patio.

I’ll never forget the look of agony on the poor little guy’s face; his mouth wide open in a silent scream, and he was looking right at me.   Oh gawd!   He looked something like this before the matanza (massacre), only much smaller:

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