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The woman who lives on the other side the fence came by to ask last night if she could “buy” water from us.  I remembered the owner’s comments when we moved in about how they “gifted” water to the neighbors next door and “below” us (which I presumed last night, was her).   “Let me know how much it is when you get the bill” she says.    “I think that will work”, I say, since I already give water to our next-door neighbor, since he is quite poor, “but you’ll have to get another hose to connect with mine as it won’t reach over the fence”.    They run a pupusa place on the hill so I think they can handle the hos.e part.

So I mention this to my next door neighbor today, and immediately he says “Don’t trust her.  She’s bad! ”   NOW what have I gotten myself into!   He explained there was some issue with the neighbors down below, and according to him, they hooked up a wire to the electric box.  He colored his profile of her with another detail, saying “She hangs out with ‘brujos’ (witches).”

Later, I caught up with the workman about it, since he started renovating this house from day one after the owner bought it.  With his parochial Spanish I could understand about half the story, but bottom line, there was a dispute, and those neighbors came up “putiando” (swearing) at them and now neither he nor the owner talk with them anymore.

So this is interesting….

The lady down below just ‘moved back in’ a month or so ago, but hadn’t approached me, so I suspect she doesn’t like the price another neighbor is charging her or perhaps…another dispute?

You may have asked yourself  “WHY is your neighbor asking if she can “buy” water from me in the first place?”

Let me illuminate.   Shortly after I moved here, I got the scoop:  the water company did not set up water pipes running from the main pipe to various residents’ homes (either the water company, ANDA did not want to or I’m guessing it was cost prohibitive for the residents).  So Doris, a different neighbor living down below, would buy water from the lady who used to own the house, by the barrel.  She finally got her “water line” set up, which is a small 1 inch PVC pipe running along (on top of, not buried) our neighbors yard, and then up in the “air” over the street below (as the hill drops) before taking a right angle to reach her house.  Doris is very happy now that she doesn’t have to make special arrangements just to have water in her house.

If you think the water situation was bad, it gets BETTER:

During our talk today the workman explained that 3 years ago (somewhere in 2008) when he started working on the house, NONE of the houses below had ANY electricity.  “Are you serious?” I asked, “when you told me there were no lights, I thought you meant no streetlights.  All this time,  the people down there were living with NO water lines, and NO electricity?”


Unbelievable.   No Water (beg your neighbor to buy it by the barrel), and No Electricity.  How did the live?  So much for a refridgerator, the 6:00 news, let alone a hair dryer.  Whoa.

There are at least 50 -100 people living on that section of the street.  Just Doris’ area alone, which consists of her, 2 adult sons + daughter-in-law + 3 grandkids, her sister, and another 5 or so living behind them, you’re up to 12-15.   Now walk down the street and keep counting.  No Water.  No Electricity.  Wow.

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  1. That is funny, the neighborhood gossips and disputes. You cannot help anyone without upsetting someone else is typically the way it goes. I had considered building a house in El Salvador, out in the country. It wasn´t long before everyone wanted to help me find the right lot. And everyone was ready to warn me about how I must be careful and pretty much trust only them… And then there was the guy who sent his daughter over to request that I visit with me over something urgent; he needed a quick “loan” of only $5,000! Apparently, he had found a lot which he wanted to buy for exactly that amount, he needed to build a new home, and he intended on selling his existing home in order to pay back the loan… My landlord explained to me that the man was a “$&F·K^n!A)h”; and that he had borrowed $500 from one of his family members years back and would only laugh or get angry or simply refuse to talk with them when they would try to remind him of the debt. I found that in living in the country, in a small community, where everyone knows everyone else and all of their business, as well as having gossip and dirt on everyone´s families, going back generations, and where people tend to be a bit cynical and malicious, well, you usually cannot get the truth out of anyone on the first, second and third go round, they are used to telling fibs so that no one knows much about their business but those who are direct participants in it, the rest is left to gossip. It is unfortunate that people live this way, but it is fairly common, I have noticed, even among the tourist who visit. They seem to believe that a lie beats the truth any old day, and is always viewed as much more convenient.

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