Francisco does NOT have a cold   6 comments

On my way back from buying vegetables today I ran into Francisco, a young man who lives in our neighborhood.  I asked did he have a cold, as he looked like many of us have in the past few weeks with “la gripe”.   No, he said, actually…my mother was killed this morning.   I was stupefied.   I could do nothing but hug him for consolation.   His mother does not live in our neighborhood, but in Rosario de Mora, a neighborhood 20-30 minutes down the road which is infested with gang violence.  We saw a short piece on the news about it on the news today:  a woman, 40 years of age was stabbed to death approximately 6:00am.  The national civil police (PCN) say a gang member from”MS” entered her home and attacked her.  They say it may be due to “rencillas personales” – a personal quarrel.   A friend in the neighborhood and I are going to the wake (“vela”) tonight to pay our respects.

This appears to be the news link, if I have the correct woman.


6 responses to “Francisco does NOT have a cold

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  1. …solo por no estudiar. mis condolencias. los politicos
    andan en pandilla, todo anda en pandilla. la iglesia
    es una disgracia. jesus nada más quiere pasar fin de
    semana una vez al año sobre la tierra para refugiarse
    otra vez en el cielo. á los transnacionales les valen
    madres, y á los malabarbarismos de los gabachos
    de igual manera.

  2. If I lived there I would own at least 5 or 10 Rifles , Shotguns, maybe even a machine gun, and I would USE IT!

  3. It is sad, we all should try to leave in peace, thier was no need to do this and have people live in fear. Is this any differenct then the civil war, when people always lived in fear. Maybe the gangs, need an outet to make the aggressions useful to society instead of harmful, its just a matter of what they like to do to improve the country, instead of hurting. They do not realize that it hurts the economy, when people do not want to vacation or visit, no money comes in, it goes to their neighboring countries, where those european dollars are invested in ecomony. i heard costa rica and argentina are ranked one of the safestest place to live, so many european/american companies, families are investing their. I see great marketing opportunity for the salvadorian people, but only if the president sees it too.

    • people in El Salvador rack their brains trying to figure out what to do about the “gang” problem. I ultimately believe it’s mostly an “economy problem”. Offer the kids in gangs a guaranteed job making $9-10 a day, and at least half the members might drop out. But guys with clean records and no criminal history are offered $7-8 a day to work often 10 hours. Makes gang membership enticing for a teenager with dim hopes for the future and bad influences at every corner. 75,000 was the official death toll from the war running 1979-1992. I divided that by the number of war years and figured the current murder rate is about 1/2 the war murder rate. That is kinda sad isn’t it.

      El Salvador could prosper, seriously, from more tourism and retiree residents.

  4. Having lived with an ex gang member deported to El Salvador and later killed, I couldn’t help but weigh in on this discussion. The problem is quite simple.

    You don’t sell guns in a country infested with gun violence! You don’t raid every medical clinic with tattoo removal equipment and confiscate the equipment; so that the gang members who want to leave their gangs are forced to go to downtown San Salvador, risking their lives to remove tattoos at one government location. Especially when this means they have to wait for months and even years to have the tattoos removed, instead of having immediate access. You don’t deny jobs to people trying to change their lives, thereby guaranteeing that they are persecuted to the point that they are forced to remain in gangs, instead of having options to leave and live a meaningful life.

    You do prosecute gang collaborators to the fullest when they commit crimes. You do prosecute active gang members involved in criminal enterprises under RICO-style acts and give them hard time. And you DO prosecute the CHISMOSOS who gossip in local mercados, creating dangerous situations for families trying to live peacefully without violence; but who are forced to flee communities because of the fishwife mentality of these chismosos.

    The danger we felt as we lived there had more to do with the gossipy nature of bored housewives, more than the gangs. We knew how to dodge the gangs. We did it successfully, hiding my husband’s tattoos with theatrical makeup until he was called six months after he applied with the government to have them removed by laser treatment. We knew how to dress so he didn’t look like a gang member. We were doing okay, until we ran into the chismosas there. They are the ones that caused us to flee several communities; the church-going comadres with sensible shoes, knee length skirts, and dangerous mouths. If it hadn’t been for the pseudo-Christian witches, we would have been able to live a normal life there and overcome everything we were running from.

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